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    Enjoy the freedom of hand and cord-free conversations. This ultra-lightweight, adjustable headset fits comfortably over your ear, while the convenient single-touch button lets you quickly and easily answer/end calls, redial the most recent number, mute the phone and more. Included worldwide Travel Charger ($29.99 value) is compatible with the Treo™ 650 smartphone and eliminates the need to carry more than one AC adaptor when traveling.

    • The unique hook-shaped over-ear design flips smoothly from right to left and can be easily adjusted to fit your ear
    • Well positioned speaker provides crisp, clear sound
    • Lithium-Ion Polymer battery provides up to 7 hours talk time and 170 hours standby and charges in 2 hours with the included AC adapter or Treo 650 smartphone adapter
    • Multifunction button allows you to answer calls, last number redial, put calls on hold and more
    • Dedicated volume buttons make adjustments easy
    • Secure voice transmission provided by advanced Bluetooth communication protocols
    • Headset weight: 0.595 oz (16.9 gm)
    • Works up to 33 feet from the phone
    • Bluetooth 1.2 compliant
    Comes with: Headset, AC Adaptor (100-240V) with 5 International Plugs, Carrying Pouch, User Manual

    Compatible with: Treo 650 smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled phones
    NOTE: Not compatible with Treo 600, 300, 270, 180 or 90

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    just saw that.
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    i guess they have the jabra still, but they dont seem to be pushing it... wonder if this one is better, my jabra is sitting in a drawer...

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    Any takers on how many more threads there'll be about this headset
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    Very cool that the TREO 650 charger will work with both the phone and headset. Wish I had waited before buying my M3000. However, the M3000 has worked flawlessly!
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    wow hofo- nice find on the jabra 330... first i've heard of that one... i guess we know who makes it now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    Any takers on how many more threads there'll be about this headset
    At least five!
    In the next 48 hrs...
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    Interesting .... Jabra doesn't even list a 330 on THEIR (edit: USA) site. This is BT 1.2 as well.
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    This one IS a Jabra, so I guess they are still in bed with them...
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    Thanks kenundrum, but dont give me credit for the find, a user in the BT forum brought this to our attention :
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    how many more threads
    Posted in the wrong forum(s) no less!
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    Quote Originally Posted by horsmanp
    i guess they have the jabra still, but they dont seem to be pushing it... wonder if this one is better, my jabra is sitting in a drawer...
    I bought my Cingular Treo 650 Feb 4th, 2005. I had bought a Jabra BT250 bluetooth headset in 2004 and thought that it would be great to use it with my Treo 650. Unfortunately, it did not want to auto link with the Treo and had terrible sound and connection quality. I really wanted to use the Jabra BT250 because of the ergonomic quality, it fit great and was very comfortable to wear all day long. It worked great with my other cell phones, . . . what was the problem now with my Treo? After doing some reasearch, I found out that Jabra makes (2) BT250 bluetooth headset models. One specifically optimized for PalmOne's Treo 650 (part no. 3182WW) and one for all other cell phones. I bought the optimized Jabra BT250 (part no. 3182WW, made for PalmOne) at the Treocentral web site. IT WORKS GREAT . . . AUTO LINK AND ALL !!!!!! If you are going to buy a Jabra BT250 headset, don't buy it at a brick and mortar store, go online and look specifically for PalmOne's bluetooth headset PART NO. 3182WW.
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    Many of us got these "special optimized headsets" free when we bought our treo 650's back in November form Palmone... In my experience the BT250 still sucks for sound quality unless you hold the phone line of sight, and within about 3-4 feet of the headset...

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