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    Just got my 650 cradle today (from Comp-USA - see below). It's designed to fit the 650 perfectly with barely a spec of space to spare. Problem is, I have eGrips on my 650. Because of the added thickness you have to PUSH the 650 down into the crade and onto the cradle connector and then PUSH it back to seat properly. It does fit, and it charges/syncs fine but the PROBLEM is the e-Grips will be destroyed very quickly (particularly on the sides of the 650). My guess is they will last a couple weeks before the coating wears off the sides. The back e-Grips probably will be OK because you are just pushing it back into the crade. The side actually rubs when you put it in.

    If anyone is near Comp-USA on RT46 in Totowa NJ they still have 2 in stock as of 11:30 AM today. They are hanging on the pegboard display with the phones. $49.99. I probably should have bought all 3 because they are going on eBay for $70-$75. Still have a $33 one on B.O. online since late Dec.
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    I've had the same problem with the new cradle and the pro-clip cradle for the car. Removed the custom egrips and use the generic ones from Office Depot or Radioshack and placed them only on the top portion of the Treo. This gets me 70% of the benefit. I've also used the a couple pieces of the generic ones on my wife's treo, so it doesn't slip out of the case, when she plugs it in.
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    I guess I'll be doing the same thing soon.
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    hey i was thinking abt getting e-grips too.... not good news
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    If you don't use the one on the battery cover it fits in the cradle fine. I thought it was the sides that were causing the problem, but it's the one on the battery cover. I will leave it on till it wears off then not worry about it. IMO the most important grip points are the sides. If you are using it on top of a dashboard and need SLIP/SLIDE protection then the battery one is the MOST important.
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    hey i was thinking abt getting e-grips too.... not good news
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    Any further news abt this story posted on trecentral... i think it'd be a great cover to have!!

    "Replacement Leather Battery Covers

    Trexta, which manufactures the Leather Latch case for palmOne, is working on replacement leather battery covers for the 650. Using a unique overmould manufacturing method, they make the replacement plastic cover a little thinner than the original piece, and adds a layer of high-grade leather to it. The result: a perfect matching leather cover. The purpose: Looks cool (can be customized in different colors and textures) and makes the phone less slippery. No date or price."
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