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    Ok I did a search for erro "MemoryMgr.c,Line:3721, NULL handle" but didn't find anything that related to my issue...

    I bought the 650 on Friday. Since then I can't count the number of times it has crashed. First it crashed on activsync, then versamail and now the web. I would click on versamail and the system would reset. After runing Filez and getting rid of corrupt files. Now my web is doing the same thing.

    Error message: "MemoryMgr.c, Line:3721, NULL handle"

    I'm not sure how to fix this...any ideas???

    I could understand if I had a bunch of apps installed but it is bonestock with the exception of Filez which I had to install to get rid of the files. This is ridiculous for a $600 phone!
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    Since you don't have any third party apps, I would suggest doing a hard-reset and starting over with setting up the Treo. Using FileZ, you could have inadvertantly wacked a good file required for accessing the web. It's hard to know what's causing your problem, but a hard-reset will ensure you start with fresh data.
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    If a hard-reset doesn't resolve this, get an exchange.

    My 1st Treo locked up whenever I used Blazer.
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    Whether or not this is standard practice or common knowledge, I've also found that syncing with the phone radio turned off has greatly reduced what little number of resets I've experienced.
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