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    Question one: does anyone know of a good currency converter (free since I only need it for one week) for Treo650?

    Question 2: I'm with Sprint. I've heard my phone can be set us for International use for $1.50/minute, so I probably won't be doing that (too pricey). I'm going to UK/France next week and want to use my Treo there. Even if I don't get an international account with Sprint, will my web applications work there, or do I need to arrange something special? Would they work if I do set it up for International use. Sprint cust svc has been very unhelpful.

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    i have not tried this, i just googled it. but i would be interested to know if it works out.

    they also list a site with the current rates, i dont know if they update via internet or what. well anyway hope everything works out
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    Sprint uses the CDMA network. UK/France uses GSM, so no, you can't use your Sprint/CDMA Treo there. The international rates Sprint charges are from the U.S. to a foreign country.
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    The problem with a currency converter application is that the values change constantly, so accuracy is an issue. Your best bet IMO, is to use a web site such as
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    I'm testing out this software here from

    It updates all of the currencies upon hotsync. You have to sign up on their website and the install is a little clunky but if you do what it says on the readme.txt file then it should work. Worked for me first time out of the box. What's funny is this thing is from like 1999 it seems but works just as well today. The main screen has like 6 lines and each line can be a different type of conversion. Line 1 can be currency, line 2 can be length. Pretty cool. It's made for travelers so it has like clothing and shoe size conversion as well. Sweet.

    Oh.. and it's free. ;-)
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    WorldMate is not free, but has an included currency converter. get it at The currency converter updates on demand over the internet. I use it every trip that I take to SE Asia (about every other month).
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    WorldMate also has units conversion, weather forecasts, world time zones, clothing size conversions, etc. The standard edition is now $34.95 which is a little pricey, but it was one of the first apps I bought a few years ago and I still like having it.

    There is a professional version which includes flight schedules and real-time flight status but it has a higher initial price and an annual subscription. It was more than I needed given you can get some of that functionality for free/donation elsewhere.

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