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    I just got my new treo 650 (unlocked gsm) and want to add some feature to my phone. I program with visual c++ under win32 platform and just tried the CodeWarrior IDE for Palm OS. When I built my first project, the IDE asked for a Palm OS Emulator. However, when I tried to download the ROM from my treo 650, the phone got reset
    So my first question will be: how can I get ROM of treo 650 so that I can debug my project under CodeWarrior ?
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    Go to Palmone and Palmsource. Sign up for their free developer programs, including the Palmone Pluggedin program. Once you've done that you can download the emulators (Palmsim) for the 650.
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    I downloaded the emulators but I could not find any ROM files in the download pack.
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    Look for that zip; it's one of several that contains the 650 simulator. A rom file is included; I just checked again.

    Note that these are NOT compatible with the older POSE simulator. You have to use Palmsim.exe that's also in the zip file.

    Also, I could only get about half the 650 simulators to work. The rest gave a "can't find myself" error. It was trial and error to figure out which ones worked. The following ones worked for me. YMMV.
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    -BUS_EN_, -CON_EN_ what's the different between them?
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    Excellent question. I have no idea. Let me know what you find out!
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    Ok I downloaded the zip file and put it to the folder of CodeWarrior (with other PalmOS Simulator) But I could not load the Treo 650 Simulator in CodeWarrior. How to set this option to set this treo650 Simulator as CodeWarrior's default Emu?
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    BUS_EN is the Business English ROM, CON_EN is the Consumer English ROM. What the difference is I know not.

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