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    My Treo 600 synchs wirelessly with GoodLink, but while my Outlook email synchs properly, my Outlook Contacts and calendar do not. The tech support guy at my company believes the problem is caused by my having two user names on the handheld -- Firstname Lastname, which I probably created when I got the Treo, and FLastname, which is my work log-in and was created when they set me up with GoodLink.

    I've deleted the Firstname Lastname profile on Palm Desktop, but it gets re-established every time I synch. I can't find anyplace on the handheld itself to delete a username (or establish one, for that matter).

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    Anybody have any ideas?
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    wow, no responses in three days... is it because nobody knows a solution, or is the question just so stupid that nobody can be bothered to even flame me?
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    Hi- this is probably a longshot but this is a download that allows the manipulation of usernames on both the PC and the palm. I have not used it so I can't vouch for it so please use with caution.

    name is changename.
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    Thanks, basic....

    after a little more snooping around on the PalmOne site, I found an answer in their Knowledge Library at,CASE=24485

    Turns out there's a secret code:

    Option 2 (deleting your user name manually, then choosing a new name):
    All Palm OS handhelds share the same hidden mechanism for deleting the user name.
    Open the Memo Pad application on your handheld.
    Tap New.
    Enter the ShortCut character.

    <here they show a picture of the shortcut character, which of course doesn't work on devices that don't use graffiti.>

    Enter a period '.'
    Enter the number 5.
    Whether you entered the shortcut character, period and 5 correctly or not, the characters you've entered will disappear and the memo pad will remain blank. To see if you succeeded:

    Open the Applications launcher.
    Launch the HotSync application.
    Your user name appears in the upper right corner of the screen: if it's blank, then your user name has been deleted. The next time you HotSync with this device, you will be asked to create a new user name.

    If you cannot delete the username in the fashion described above, a hard reset is the sure method.

    Looks like a hard reset might be in my future. In the meantime, the nice people at BackupBuddy tech support have suggested a workaround that I'm going to try.

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