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    now i am using it for my backup card. i installed backup buddy on my treo, did a back up to the card. it installed a copy of backup buddy to the card plus all my stuff. i then erased backup buddy from my treo(after you backup u dont need it on your internal memory). now i have appox.110mb left . i thought at 1st ok i'll put a couple extra apps on there but who wants to switch cards to do anything but backup. so its back to the card holder on my case(just in case i gotta backup away from home) .
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    I swap mine between my digital camera and my mp3 player.
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    You could fit an hour and a half of video on there still
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    i use it for my digital camera
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    considering how cheap the 1GB cards are now, i bought one, and use the the free 128MB card as an "off-site" backup; that is, every week or so, i put it into the treo, do a full backup using backupbuddypro vfs, and then i eject it and i keep it safe away from the treo just in case me and my treo get separated. i know it's a waste of SD card space, but the card was free
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    I use it for two things, Backup and Install Repository.

    Because sometimes even your backups can get botched up, you need to reinstall your apps but you're not home.

    all you need to do is load your PRCs in the /palm/launcher section of your sd card, when you pop the card in the Treo, the palm will show you all of th apps in that folder. Click to install/run and voila instant way of installing fresh apps.

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