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    Annoying error 732A is making me crazy! And would like to know if anyone has encounter this error, while trying to sent a sample text message? Can you fix it? Sprint has giving me a new phone but I still have the error 732A. I’m very disappointed on my treo 650 L…anyone help please.
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    Something like that is being discussed over here
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    Thank you I finaly found some with the same error message if you wanna read about it this is the link
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    732A Error and Fradulent Activity


    This error allows someone to receive all your 1st text messages than obviously the 2nd one will go through so that they can receive your first ones.

    Sprint is well aware of this going on although they will not fully confess to it. I have spent the last year dealing with Sprint and the Treo 650. (Not fun)
    The consumer bears the burden of proof and it is very frustrating.

    First of all, there has been fraudulent activity on my phone. It was cloned by someone in Mexico who ran up over $1,000 in roaming charges. I first became aware of the problem when my phone was de-activated by Sprint Tuesday, October 24th for exceeding my spending limit. I called the customer service department and was told that I had excessive roaming charges from Mexico. I informed the customer service representative that I had not been to Mexico and there must be fraud on the account.

    Sprint is aware of the problem and will not fix it. They will try to re-configure the numbers on your phone but other than that you will just get another 650 and or be over charged continually. Sorry if I sound a little bitter with Sprint and the 650 Treo. Just extrememly frustrating dealing with the no customer service approach.

    Good Luck.

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