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    I have an IPAQ 4155 and used it for music forever. I use it in my car with the cassette adapter and I use it with my headphones when I'm out. I constantly was putting in and taking out the headphones. Recently I guess something busted inside the headphone jack where now it only plays mono. If I tilt the headphones or spin it and bend it a little it plays but for the most part it's pretty much useless.

    I'm afraid once I adopt my treo for my music device the headphone jack is gonna go. Has this happed to alot of people. I mean I guess I'll just have to be extra nice to it cuz once it goes forget about listening to music on your treo ever again which isn't a cheap piece of technology. Basically how durable is that little hole?
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    It just happened to me. I'm using the Treo headphone adapter and I'm getting a lot of static. I have had my Treo 650 for about 3 months now. This started about 1 week ago.

    Not sure what to do.
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    See postings in the 650 forum about cleaning with DeoxIT.

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    I also experienced a lot of headphone static. Tom's suggestion about using DeoxIT can reduce (as it did in my case) or possibly emininate headphone jack static.

    This problem seems to affect a significant number of Treo 650s. How many is anyone's guess.

    One of my Treo 650's primary functions is that of an MP3 player. I exchanged my Treo 650 today for a new one (hopefully one without the headphone jack problem.) I posted the details of returning my Treo 650 here:


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