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    I'm sorry if I am repeating an error - I searched the forums for no record of it (but it's my first thread :-).

    Anyway I am finding that if I delete an IMAP account by accident on my 650 (unlocked GSM), and then readd it later, I can not see any emails in the inbox. It seems to login ok but doesn't display the emails.

    The bizarre thing is that it seems to be log-in dependent, as if I change my IMAP password, I can get emails received since I did this, but not any of the previous ones. If I setup a new account with a different name but same login details I get the same problem.

    I have tried deleting all the files listed at,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(36541)

    (any files created by asc3 or asc4. These include:
    MultiMail Disconnected
    MultiMail Attachments
    MMNotify Send
    MultiMail Messages
    MMNotify Response

    but this does not solve the problem. Same for removing any Multimail or Versamail settings from backups or conduits (I am on a Mac so don't think it syncs but deleted them anyways).

    I have even tried hard syncing to resolve and it didn't work (btw test your BB backups! Mine didn't work and crashed halfway through restore but that could be another post...).

    Is it possible:
    1) as part of IMAP it keeps a record of what devices it has sent a copy of emails and doesn't resend?
    2) somehow Versamail thinks all the new mails have already been deleted?
    3) something unknown that someone knows how to fix?

    Unfortunately Snappermail stopped my MMS settings from working so I stopped using it, but would like to use Versamail if possible.

    Thanks for anyones help!
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    VersaMail has no desktop piece on the mac, so your account delete problem interesting. With the files you mention is one of them something like midatacache or something like that? I believe that is keeping a cache of messages it has already downloaded as well. That is most likely the problem.

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