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    in a few days i will get my shiny new Treo 650. The everlasting question is of course what software to install on it. What are the must-haves and the nice-to-haves?

    What do you have installed on your Treo?
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    ZLauncher, Verichat, Bejeweled 2, MMPlayer, & Snappermail
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    Must Have: PowerRun or ZLauncher (something to move apps to/from SD card), FileZ, BackupMan (or BackupBuddy, TealBackup, etc.), Butler, Uninstall Manager, KB Lights, KeyCaps600/650

    Nice to Have: DateBk5, SnapperMail (or Chatter, etc), Bejewled2, pTunes, VeriChat (if you IM), anything else that interests you.
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    There is a giant thread on the 6 must haves applications you might want to search for. Here is what I have loaded on mine so far:

    eReader - looks and works great on the Treo 650
    FileZ - good file manager and free (Zlauncher has a file manger as well)
    MMplayer - had it on the 600 and it tranferred fine so I kept it
    Mobipocket Reader - haven't used it much yet
    PTunes - great music player
    Xiino - good web browser that does some things better than Blazer
    Zlauncher - must have to manage memory

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