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    Anyone figure out how to get streaming videos/audio to work on the Treo using Orb? It seems to download a file with a .asx file extension, but everyone time I try to open it, It says Unable to display this video. It may be too large, corrupted or stored in an icompatible format. The Orb software (and idea) is just incredible....have had great success accessing all of my photos...just need to figure out video now
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    After writing to Orb regarding using their services on the Treo 650, here is the response I got....

    The Treo 650 has a version of RealPlayer that can only play local audio files. It cannot currently play videos and does not support streamed media at all. This is a device limitation about which there is nothing we can do.
    I sent them a reply about the false statements regarding the Treo and device limitiations, since we know that at least AUDIO can be streamed to the Treo (through PocketTunes) Hopefully they will take a look at the possibilities....
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    Here's a quote from their web site on supported devices:
    Note: Palm devices do not support the Orb Media Service. As future Palm OS releases support streaming media, Orb will likely support Palm devices at that time.
    Too bad!! But, if you want streaming access to your audio collection, try out GLOOnet. It works well with PocketTunes, and is free to boot!
    - Dan Butterfield (
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    Thumbs up for GLOOnet. Works great!
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    Doesn't MMPlayer support streaming video? Maybe you can downlaod the trial and see if it works...
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    I was wondering the same about MMPlayer.....I thought I remember someone talking about streaming video on there.

    I know that their website says that about Palm OS, but it also says the software will work with ANY device with an internet connection

    Just received a new reply from Orb....

    Thank you very much for sharing this information with us. We were indeed unaware of these software applications for the Treo as, from our last investigations that took place over 6 months ago (maybe on the Treo 600?), we had somehow come to the conclusion that its standard, built-in set of applications did not comprise a functionality in streaming Live TV or Videos, a central feature of the Orb system. As a consequence, our Engineering Department ruled out, in the short-term, the option to commit development resources to make Orb compatible for the Palm OS platform.

    While there is no doubt that Orb will be further developed to be fully compatible with Palm devices in the future, as it is now in our product development roadmap, we have not yet initiated such development.
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    Prior to switch to Treo 650 I had the 6601 Pocketpc phone from Sprint. I used Orb during that time and it works pretty well on Sprint's service. I did not renew my Orb account beyond the trial though since I was switching to the Treo. Since Orb give a free trial for new users, could someone give it a try with the multimedia programs discussed and let us know if it works on the Treo 650. If it does, I will gladly sign up for a year with the service.
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    If I knew Orb supported the Treo 650, I would definately be into it. Even though the upcoming Slingbox seems to do the same thing (without the monthly fee), whatever works and works now will get my money...
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    Orb Networks drops subscription fees: Now Free to All Users!!

    see article:
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    is there anyone that can make orb tv streaming to work?
    the last post is 03/30/05, I'm wondering if there is any new development.

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