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    I'm a noob so please excuse:

    Considering Handsfree for my TREO 600. Reading a few forums, I see both Jabra A210 and Bluetrek . Anyone with experience can tell me pros and cons of each.

    Which then, is better for functionality (ability to answer phone, end call from headset)?

    The BT07 is obviously smaller, any downside???

    I alse read about a fix usinf a NOKIA 4 conductor adapter - can a BT headset then be used?

    Thnanks in advance
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    I don't know if the BT07 is smaller. The A210 is really small and works great.

    The big difference is that BT07 reports a 2 hour talk time where the A210 reports 8 hours.

    I've been a fan of Jabra devices for years and they have a set track record so I'm more inclined to stick with them. I use the A210 and the Motorola HS820 and love it.

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