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    Is there a setting on the new 650 I am not aware of?

    Phone numbers within SMS that are hyperlinked only dial the first 3 digits unless the format is without ANY spaces.

    123 555 1212 only dials 123...everytime.

    123-555-1212 or 1235551212 works ok.

    On the old Treo 600 the format did not matter; everything went through ok.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Hard resets and elimination of 3rd party software makes no difference.

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    Is this a problem with just my 650 or is this a common Sprint 650 issue?

    Can people send themselves a test SMS with phone numbers in various formats and see if they are able to directly dial with no errors?

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    Can someone else try SMS to themselves from Sprint's site or anywhere and put in a phone number like "please call 1 800 555 1212"

    and see if you can Hyperlink the number to dial?

    If this is an isolated problem it would be helpful information.


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