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    The TomTom site lists an update for TT Navigator 4.4 or later that provides "improved support for PalmOne Tungsten T5 or Treo 650". Has anyone installed the update and noticed any improvements on their Treo? I'm very happy with the performance of the current software and wondering if its worth it to install the update?

    PS. Being able to use your Treo 650 as a GPS system with a Bluetooth antenna is sooo cool !
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    Yes.. Most people using TomTom are running with this update. It has been around since last year. TomTom just updated the description a month ago. It used to say "For the T5".
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    So were there any noticeable improvements or enhancements to the software after installing the upgrade?
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    My only concern is that the update states you should turn your phone off. Can the phone portion of the Treo work with a wired headset versus a bluetooth one? It seems to be kind of point less if you cannot recieve a call when using TomTom. I understand you could not use Bluetooth headset and GPS simultanously.
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    You don't need to turn the phone off, and you can take calls. However, it exits when you answer the call. When you finish, you re-enter TomTom and it remembers your destination.

    The Treo carkit update fixes the problem where you must reset bluetooth between using your GPS and using your headset.
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    So it looks like there were no noticeable improvements in the update for Treo 650's. Guess I'll forego the update unless someone comes up with a reason to install it.

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