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    la la la la...rep0stssssssssssssss
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    I think the risk you should be most concerned about witht the treo is the destraction it provides while you drive. Any risks due to EM radiation are minimal at best and absolutely nothing compared to the harm that will come with an auto wreck.
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    Use a headset.
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    GSM Version Only not CDMA
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    The CDMA version isn't much lower, but I have to wonder about the accuracy of CNet's chart. If you look at "other" manufacturers there are 2 entries for the 650. One says Treo 650 GSM, the other just says Treo 650, so I'm assuming it's the CDMA version. SAR for that is 1.33. OTOH, it shows SAR for "analog mode" at 1.5, and we all know the Treo 650 has no analog mode.
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    use speakerphone.
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    oh my god!!! I have a serious long talk time few days ago, and I have an headache for a number of days...
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