When a person uses the T650 data services to surf the web, the stream goes through the APN. If none of the pages are secure (http), can't the APN see your passwords, SSN, usernames, etc?

If the page is secure (https), then is it true that the APN only sees encrypted data? For example, a banks log-in website is probably secure so the APN could not record your username and password. Is this correct?

How about the Xiino browser. If you have "load images" at best or preview then the data stream goes through their data server. Their data server is pds.mobirus.com. So when the T650 transmits data, it first goes through the APN and then through the data server. Can they see your private info which you are transmitting? The data server actually makes the T650 faster on the web because the data server sizes (up/down) the images and does the re-formatting of the text to fit on the T650's screen. This means the device does not have to do it. The blazer browser takes twice as long because the device has to handle those tasks.

How about Xpress mail. What type of encrption does it use to transmit data? 128, 256, AES, 3DES?

I am just wondering, but don't have much knowledge base to support the answers. Anyone have some answers?