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    tried the shower method, i cleaned the screen, used can air to blow it off but by the time i took off the backing and poped it on the screen there was lint, now i dont want to take it off just to wash it and only to have it happen again until i find a good way to do it lint free. anybody have any issues washing the boxwave clear screen protectors, do they work just as good? do they lose any sticky?
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    If you are like me and don't like ANYTHING caught behind the screen protector, your out of luck. It is virtually impossible to get it done. I finally just gave up. The only way to have a perfectly clear screen is to not apply anything on it and be ultra careful to avoid scratches.
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    thank god the boxwaves got cheaper than they were before...when it comes im gonna have to install it in a static free my home in room there unlike here in ottawa is dust free
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    Scotch tape works beautifully. Just lift the side with hairs and particles and remove them with the tape. Repeat until clear.

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