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    Can you move all the Versa Mail to the SD card? or do I need a new app?

    Will it properly move the data over for all my apps that I move to the card or will I probably need to reinstall them?

    I am mainly thinking up gettin zLauncher to help out with the space issue... since I ran out. *surprise* !

    Sometimes I need to get 10mb downloads from email on the cell...

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    No you can't move Versamail or any of the other apps that came pre-loaded on the Treo. If you have the Sprint version you can load one of Shadowmite's custom ROMs.

    You can use Zlauncher to move 3rd party apps that you have in internal memory to an SD card. No need to reinstall them. Once you install Zlauncher all you need to do is move your apps to the card using Zlauncher (it is simple).
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    In zlauncher select move the app and it associated files. That gets it all together in one folder on the sd card. Most apps work fine like that. You find some that just wont run from the card. Just move them back and they will have to be run from RAM. Youll get lots of room back. I keep about 8 Mb of RAM free on mine. I leave z in RAM.
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    Versa mail is in ROM then right? And there are no options to remotely store mail on the SD card? Any email program that does that and also sync with Outlook folders?? so that one could have a copy of their mail folders on their treo if needed/wanted ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soldier_bob
    And there are no options to remotely store mail (Versa-Mail) on the SD card?

    I am looking for an answer to this too.


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