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    I took one for the team. I was having trouble with I.M. through Verichat (resets) so I decided to give AOL 3.3 a try. Waste of money...

    - no PUSH for I.M. You have to open up AOL to get your messages. Not practical for me. I am going to stick with Verichat as soon as the reset issue is fixed (hopefully with the Sprint ROM release this week?)

    -no PUSH or auto check for AOL mail. I am going to stick with Snapper.

    -Also I leave AOL communicator signed on at home and work and AOL 3.3 made me close down one of them to open.

    So a waste of $19, but I thought I'd give it a try because I did not see many reviews on this site. Don't waste your money. There are much better options.
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    Does the Treo 650 navigation button work with AOL 3.3, I had purchased version 3.2 for the Treo 600 and wondering if any other significant updates ?
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    I don't recall. I already deleted it from my phone.
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    It's an incomplete support of the 5 way. I have the 3.3 client, and while it does allow you to five way between the 6 main functions (sign-on/mailbox/auto AOL/File cabinet/Write/Buddy list and send IM) on the front screen, it does not allow you to 5 way to the drop down box that selects the sign in screen name (how lame is that?)

    So, you're forced to pull the stylus if you have multiple screen names.

    Once you get to the actual sign-in form, no 5 way support at all. You must touch the screen.

    In mail, you can five way from New mail to old mail to sent mail, and highlight and open messages, but you cannot five way to the Read/Keep/Delete/Write menu at the bottom of the screen (Ugh).

    This is really a very minor, and not very interesting update of 3.2. It does work, and has not crashed my unit yet. Some of the graphics are hi-res, but not all. It looks like AOL (or whomever) spent about 1 day updating the program, and called it done.

    So, it can only be described as a minimalist effort, and not worth the $19 they want unless you liked 3.2 and want that identical functionality on the 650. You must pull the stylus to use this app.

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