Okay, this is probably pretty easy for many people here, but I'm not familiar with all the options out there, and I'm trying to figure out what document viewing and/or creating software will help me with these needs:

I need to access several long documents on my PDA. I want to be able to do text searches within single documents. (not needed to do searches across all documents)

I need to be able to index these documents in some way: like if I created HTML versions of my documents, I could create a list of hyperlinks at the beginning for each different section. Or, I could convert them to PDF and put one of those clickable indexes at the beginning where I could just tap the screen and go to each section.

I've tried looking for freeware web browsers, thinking of going the HTML route since I could edit documents and create hyperlinks and menus pretty easily on my PC. However, most web browsers I've seen are for PDAs with online access; I want to store my stuff locally on my PDA. I'm not sure if these web browsers also allow me to view local files, like Netscape on my PC does. (??) I'm also not sure if there's an easy way to sync a group of HTML files from PC to PDA whenever I make updates. (bear with me here, I've pretty much just used the pre-bundled software w/ the exception of updating Datebook)

Your advice and recommendations would be appreciated.