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    To fix my hot sync problem (maybe it was the fix, who knows), I bought and started using Chapura's Pocket Mirror Professional. Now I have three calendars on my Palm...the built in one, Datebk5, and it looks like a new one from Chapura. Do I need to have all these on my Palm? Can I get rid of any, or maybe just their databases? I don't have a lot of memory left and don't want to use memory for stuff I have in one place (little less three places). I did try to search for this topic (under Calendar and Chapura, but didn't find anything). Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks. Dana
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    Okay, you can't delete Calendar. It's in the Treo ROM.

    Datebk5 uses the same database as Calendar--it doesn't have one of it's own. So you can delete the Datebk5 application, if you're not using it, but not it's database.

    And, of course, you can delete Chapura, if you're not using it. I believe Chapura uses it's own database, so you could delete those, too, if you're not using Chapura.

    Are you using a memory manager? PowerRun or ZLauncher will let you move many apps and databases to an SD card to gain more free memory on the device.
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    I used Chapura on the 600 to sync Outlook to the 600, and it sync'd directly to the Calendar DB
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    Actually, you're correct. Pocket Mirror does sync with the built-in database. I was thinking of Chapura KeySuite, which has it's own databases for Calendar and contacts.

    So you can delete the Pocket Mirror app or the Datebk5 app, but not the database, which is shared by all.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.

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