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    Anyone else having integration issues between the two? It appears that the Goodlink book does not support much of the funtionality within the P1 book...attaching pictures to people, attaching ringers to people, integrating with the Messaging app.

    Any fixes?
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    I noticed that also. The PIM functionality for Goodlink is pretty lacking (compared to other PIM programs such as DataBk). For what your paying, I would think the PIM of Goodlink should be on par with the other 3rd party PIM's. The real strong point is of course it's wireless sync with the exchange server.
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    Just remember that GoodLink is trying to be 'Outlook in your hand', and not a PIM program per se. (don't know if that makes sense or not, as I think about it). They really focus on the integration of all the Good apps - email, calendar, contacts, etc - all together, and aren't really trying to replicate the core Palm OS apps on the device.
    Good or bad (pun not intended), that's what they're trying to do.
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    nrosser is right. GoodLink is designed to provide full synchronization with Exchange. Yes, there are some limitations based upon a wide variety of factors, such as device and OS, but we are continually developing the app. For what you are paying, you are getting your email, your contacts, your calendar, everything within your Outlook on your phone.

    As for the contacts, I have a document that I will post tomorrow that, using FileZ, you can access both the P1 and the Good contacts. Bear in mind that P1 contacts will have NOTHING to do with GoodLink, ie, synchronizing, available for mail look-up, etc.
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    How about that article?
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    It is posted in another thread here:

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