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    I had an 'outlined icon' phone, and had to return it because the sound quality was terrible from normal use speaker (not the speakerphone), and the second phone was much better but had the 'black' icon.

    Both were reasonably stable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueCrimeNY
    Hmm this might explain why my Friends newly purchased Treo650's backlight is slightly brighter than mines.
    Are both set at the same brightness?
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    Are the two phones on the same firmware level?

    Outline bell, only had problems when messing about.
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    Bump... anyone want to add anything?

    I had a black icon treo that I dropped and got a key stuck, never had a problem with it before. Now I have an outline icon replacement one that freezes when I get calls all the time. I have also added Ringo Pro though and another app or two so I need to do more troubleshooting.

    Input appreciated...
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    I have the outline bell on Cingular (which I bought about a month after they were released). Other than a few resets now and again, the Treo has been quite stable. Earlier instability issues seemed to be due to Verichat (their latest version is much better). The earpiece volume has been pretty low, but taken care of with the "Volume Care" app...

    Honestly, though, isn't it more likely that the manufacturer of the Treo housing recently changed to the solid bell icon, while the internal guts stayed basically the same? After all, we all seem to show "Hardware version A"! Nonetheless, I would guess that some of the internal components change a bit over time as the manufacturers fine-tune their methods, and lines get used up, etc...

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    Solid bell unlocked Cingular running T-Mobile - updated ROW 1.28 - works great.
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    Solid bell...TMobile. Pretty good stability compare to my past phones. I might need to pull the battery once in a while.

    I had another 650 I quickly returned because it was impossible to hear anything during calls.
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