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    im planning on getting a treo 600 for verizon (anyone selling?)

    but i dont plan on purchasing the expensive unlimited data plan...seeing as im a broke college student

    they do sell wifi cards that fit into the SD slot, if plugged one of those in?
    would i be able to surf the web and use stuff like AIM for free if im in a hot spot?

    thanx guys
    im new too..sorry if this question has been asked before
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    Well, I guess you should be at least a little sorry, as this is one of the most discussed topic over the last 18 months or so... The bottom line is that there is NO WiFi solution for the T600 in terms of SD card slots.
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    i tried to search wifi and 802.11b and i never really got an answer
    just a few topics really
    sorry though
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    Yes and no.

    The SD card slot does not support any wifi cards - no known drivers for such a device.

    However, there is a wifi sled due out any time now that will allow this. Go to:

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