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    I have a video playback problem on my Treo 600 that I cannot seem to correct. About a week ago I purchased Pocket DVD Studio and have since been trying to encode a movie that will play on it without slowing and/or dropping frames. I have heard many different types of settings to acheive smooth playback but so far I have had no luck at the folowing settings.

    divx and xvid @
    -160x160 cropped @ 128kbps w\48kbps audio 15fps
    -124x160 uncropped at 128kbps w\48kbps audio 15fps
    -160x160 cropped @ 113kbps w\24kbps audio 15fps
    -124x160 uncropped at 113kbps w\24kbps audio 15fps

    the last setting seems a bit conservitave and still the video is unwatchable.

    Any suggestions for smooth playback?
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    I had the same problem using Kingston 256mb SD card. A Sandisk Ultra 2 fixed it for me. Maybe your card cant 'keep up' with the player...

    Why not try encoding a small file that you can play from the Treos ram and not the SD card? If it performs better you know your card is the problem....HTH.
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