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    I suggest you change your email address to something more business-like and/or professional....

    The above email address (as your CONTACT email address) makes you sound like a disgruntled kid with a website....this email address will just make PalmOne laugh....

    Just my 3 cents....though I do appreciate the effort you are putting into this....
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    Keep doing what you’re doing. I agree with several of the posts that by appearing more professional, you will be more successful. Keep using the opposition to your cause as motivation and realize that many people hope you are successful. I will purchase the 650 when the majority of the bugs are worked out and I support what you're doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddahorton
    ...what would Ayn Rand say about this?

    Just a thought. Anybody who has read "Atlas Shrugged" can give it their best shot.
    I guess she'd extoll the superhuman virtue of P1 for laying the Treo 650 on the altar of the almighty dollar.

    Now, must go shower at the mention of AR's name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tundycentral

    We are open to constructive criticism and helpful suggestions.
    How about you shut it down for a couple weeks and see if the rumored patch is released.

    Even babies quiet down after getting a bottle! PalmOne gives out free SD cards and is working on a patch yet there are still cries.


    If I sent P1 a letter I would say the T650 is cool. I'm doing great and glad I brought it. Wait till the patch is good and don't release it early just because some folks are so upset they make angry web sites!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tundycentral
    .. encouraged..
    I'm certainly not a disgruntled palmOne customer, but I have had my share of issues as well with the device. If interested, you can read my initial experiences with the Treo 650 on my website . I know that palmOne will (eventually) have an update for this phone to make it what it should have been in the beginning. But honestly, after having it for a month the stability problems have vanished. Mostly by spending the time learning what apps. that are installed that cause resets or what issues internal to the phone cause the same.

    No doubt the unit has some issues that could be improved upon with a software update. Even my previous unit, the Kyocera 7135 had similar issues on it's initial release. Yet, after 2 firmware updates the 7135 became a nice stable device. I think we will see the same with the Treo 650. Issues exist but that is the price you pay for wanting the "Latest and Greatest" technology.
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    Thank you, any ideas for clever yet non-insulting, and reasonably professional email addresses?
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    Thanks for the support from Todd too.
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    how about something as simple as webmaster@ or editor@ or founder@ or tundy@
    Just use your title or your name.
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    My bluetooth headset works flawlessly. I couldn't ask for better reception. My father's Lexus with built in blue tooth has less reliability with his Motorola Windows CE phone.
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    Hey MVT:
    So again... at the risk of repetition, does your 650/Bluetooth headset work together in the following ways?
    1. The phone rings (bluetooth is active) you answer the phone by pressing the green button on the phone and the headset picks up the call?
    2. The voice dial software written for palm or voice launcher programs work for voice dialing out and receiving calls in via voice commands?
    3. The headset stays in communication with the 650 nearly 100% of the time?
    4. You can run very basic programs like Call Shield Pro and use an SD/MMC card without interference toward Bluetooth performance?... still have effective comms?

    If you would, verify them individually for me? 1-4


    For me? I have an HBH-300 (amazing headset, noise cancellation, extended boom, killer battery life, super range etc.) that works about 40-50% of the time, in that: I can answer and terminate calls via the headset only by pressing the call button on the headset. Nothing else works on it. Even after removing every last extra utility and 3rd party app from the 650, even after pulling the 1gig SD card out permanently, and even after several hard resets and making it a point to turn phone mode off / on a few times a day to keep things fresh. Sometimes I get static in the headset just by putting the phone in my pants pocket... other times it works fine 20+ feet away... very inconsistant compared to other BT phones I've owned recently.

    Just comparing notes, no moaning here, I'm beyond that.
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    I haven't seen the site, but thanks for making a voice for the not so satisifed users. If users are that dissatisified, surely F1 would have to consider how poorly the device is performing. SURELY, they would have to move the patch to a higher priority corporately...surely you'd think... something tells me that just b/c it would be a good business practice though, that they really don't give a flip.

    Sorry for the complaints, those are directly aimed @ F1, I concur w/ the previous posts re: professional looking complaints - make sure they look nothing like what I just posted that for here heheheh
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    By F1.. do you mean P1? or PalmOne?

    ... and yep, that's the goal, move that patch up the priority list.
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    Well - I'm in. I just added my name and comments to Tundy's list. Not sure why everybody's crapping on him for trying to put some pressure on PalmOne. It can't HURT!
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    Thank you sooo much for your support...
    to be fair to everyone, I was extraordinarily angry and brutal with my comments early on... I'm a little slow sometimes, but I figure it out eventually. Hopefully everyone will visit the site again to see first hand what we're trying to accomplish..

    NOTE: The petition page IS operational, the background color of that page should be burgundy like the rest of the site, "we are working feverishly to correct this issue"... jeez.. come to think of it, don't you wish you'd hear some kind of statement like that from P1?... lol..

    ...gotta go.

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