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    I'm having a Treo600. I use Pocket Tunes to play my mp3 files, but always have this problem: when I move the balance to the right channel, there is no sound. I only hear sound when the balance is in the middle or the left side of the stereo spectrum. In other words, when I use a headphone, I haven't stereo sound but only mono sound. Is this normal??? My retailer says this is normal , but I can't believe him!
    Could anyone please check his Treo600 and tell me if he has the same stereo-problem?? You would be a very big help for me!
    Thanks in advance!
    Guido Bettens
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    If you're using stereo headphones, with a stereo 3.5 to 2.5 adapter, you should get true stereo.
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    I had true stereo in my 600 and also with my 650
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    Check the original files and make sure they're stereo.
    Are you doing any processing of files before placing them on SD card?
    I use a card reader so not sure if Hotsync does any processing on MP3 but wouldn't think so. Some of the video programs such as Kinoma give the option to save as mon to save space.

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