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    I am getting a almost new in box treo 600 for SPCS and the previous owner signed up for the free pocket tunes but never got the link e-mailed to him....Can I re-register it in my name and have the software sent to my e-maill addy.


    Tim G. Horton
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    Hello Tim,

    I have a question for you. I use a Treo 600 for a year now. I use pocket tunes myself too, but I always had this problem: when I move the balance to the right channel, there is no sound. I only hear sound when the balance is in the middle or the left side of the stereo spectrum. In other words, when I use a headphone, I haven't stereo sound but only mono sound. Is this normal. My retailer says this is normal. ???? Could you please tell me if it's the same for your Treo?
    thanks in advance!
    Guido Bettens

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