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    If you find your Treo 650 run out battery the next morning, it might be the SnapperMail or other programs that do midnight maintenance, such as moving mail to the SD card, deleting old mail, etc. The problem is, once they crash, the screen will keep on until battery runs out. You'll then have a dead Treo in the morning.
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    no crash with snapper enterprise beta here
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    Wouldn't a "Crash" program auto reboot it and keep it from continuing to drain?

    Though I have noticed that sometimes mines seems to drain during the day, hadn't thought about Snapper doing it, since it only checks every 30 mins.
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    I used to have that sort of problem with my Tungsten W, but not so far on the 650. I'd find the screen lit with an error message hours after it should have shut off.
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    For SnapperMail, if you don't let it move/delete old mail etc., then no problem.

    Some "crashes" reboot Treo, then no problem. The SnapperMail just hangs/freezes Treo and keeps the screen on forever.

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