Helping a friend with his Treo 650 today and we had a problem with conduits. Error message requested that we set the conduit Address or Calendar to "do nothing". Contacts ( address book) was set to do nothing and the calendar loaded fine.

Went back and set Calendar to "do nothing " and contacts (address book) to "sync". Then hotsynced and the contacts again wouldn't load from the desktop to the Treo 650.

I also tried importing the address file. However it was looking for an .aba file and all I could find that contained data was the address.bak or the address.dat file both were over 1mb in size. Any suggestions here?

We are trying to get the address book files from the Handspring that he owned before to the Treo 650.

Also he is using this on a Windows 98 machine... the manual says to use 2000 or XP. Has anyone had luck using the Treo software on win 98?

Thanks in advance.