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    Hey guys...

    I have a PC laptop w/ Bluetooth running Lotus Notes and an iMac G5 w/ Bluetooth running Entourage.

    I have yet to install the Palm software because I'm not sure which computer I want to sync my Treo with. That, and our IT dept. is amidst a company-wide equipment rollout and refuse to install any "personal" applications until the 28th. Why can't they just give me the friggin' Admin password?!

    Anyway, just wondering if it is possible to keep my Treo's info synched between both my PC laptop and my iMac? Or do I have to choose to go with one or the other?

    If this were possible, I assume I would need to install the Palm software on my laptop to sync with Outlook and then install Missing Sync on my iMac to work with Entourage. If I were to NOT use Entourage and just use Apple's Mail, iCal, and Address Book, could I just use iSync?

    Sorry for the 20 q's guys, but I appreciate the help!
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    I sync with bluetooth to my powerbook using ical and isync and to my pc with palm desktop. Shouldn't be a problem other than making sure you have a backup before you sync both computers incase events, memos, and contacts get doubled or deleted.

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