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    how do you set up T-Mobile internet on a WinXP laptop via bluetooth with T650?
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    You want to set up Bluetooth DUN (Dial-Up Networking). Search the forum here, lots of threads on the subject. There's also something called "Reverse DUN" which is not what you want right now (using your computer's broadband internet connection on your Treo via Bluetooth).
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    Thank you
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    To set up DUN "Dial up networking" go to, and go to the support page for the Treo 650 "Unlocked GSM" model.
    On the right column is a PDF under 'handbooks' called "Using Dial-up Neworking"
    Direct Link:

    An easier (but not free) method is to use "PdaNet" by June Fabrics: It essentially does the same thing without configuring actual Dial-Up networking. I've set it up both ways and prefer to use pdaNet for it's simplicity.
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