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    I am away on business and have a work laptop. I want to use PDANet, but when I connect the Treo to the laptop it needs the few .inf files to be installed properly. I don't need the entire disk, or all of the palm desktop, just the one or two xxx.inf files for the treo to be allowed a connection to the laptop. If I am not mistaken, there is just one file I need, is it usb.inf or something, anyone know? And can post the file/s I need? Please and thank you.

    I would just grab them and email them to myself from my home pc via WinHand, but my wife hasn't rebooted my pc and it seems to have lost its connection.

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    The file is called "PalmUSBD.inf" it would be great and extremely helpful to me if someone with a Treo 650 could email that file to me at:
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    I just sent the file to your Hotmail account.
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    good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by copwriter
    I just sent the file to your Hotmail account.
    Thanks so much, I am now connected with PDANet on my work laptop. The next two weeks in this godforsaken-windswept town are going to be a lot nicer now that I can surf from my hotel room...

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