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    Slic Sound

    Jabra MiniGels

    Jabra EarGels

    Feel free to post any others.

    So does anyone that has used all feel that any one is better than the other?

    Seems the all offer different sizes. Slick Sound boast that their product is "US FDA approved food grade silicone, which is non-toxic, non- allergenic, safe and comfortable to wear" not like I was planning to eat them .

    Jabra Minigels boast their product is "Removable gels wash easily and may be used by more than one person" not like I was planning to share .

    Jabra EarGels boast their product is "Patented designs, healthier than earpads" never thought of an ear insert causing a health risk .

    Anyway, I currently use Slic Sound, but wonder how they compare to others if anyone has tried them all.
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    I've used the SlicSounds and the larger, colored Jabra eargels, and the Jabras win for me. The SlicSounds are nice and fit well, but are slightly looser (not that the Jabras can't work itself loose, but it will eventually), and seem to make the HBH-660 protrude. The Jabras fit tighter and more comfortably, IMO.

    I'm not sure how those minigels would work at all.
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    And EarGels are cheaper than Slic Sound. I could pick up a pack at Best Buy tomorrow. (A real plus I can buy them in a store.) I might have to pick some up and try them out.
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    I have tried both the Slics and Jabra clear eargels. The Slicsounds would not stay in my ear well enough. I actually modified my Jarba eargel by melting the upper piece a little to make it more comfortable. Just made a world of difference. People at work think that my SE660 has been surgically attached to my ear.
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    clear jabra (large size, right ear) works for me.
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    OK, so I picked up some Jabra EarGels and here is my take on them vesus Slic Sound.

    First let me say that both are pretty much "6 in one hand a half dozen in the other". Overall they both perform as advertised and get the job done. Anyone liking either one more than the other is understandable. My views are just in being as picky as possible for my own personal taste .

    Using a HBH-660 headset.


    Both feel like a probe in your ear . Although EarGels do fit more snug. I felt like with the EarGel I did not need the ear loop as much as with Slic Sound.

    So for a perfect fit I think EarGels wins.


    I think the EarGels fit tighter on the headset's ear speaker. So you can put your headset in say "your pocket" and its less likely to come off than with Slic Sound.


    I think the fact that Slic Sound goes deeper into the ear and has an open hole at the end allows for a better sound boost. To me Slic Sound was noticeably louder when used than EarGels.

    For me personally Slic Sound's added sound boost (in case I need it) wins me over. So I'll stick with Slic Sound. Although EarGels are good too.
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    It depends on your ear type. Try them all.
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    Anyone knows if I can get the Jabra eargels in Singapore? All these reviews of the HBH 660 + Jabra eargel combo is winning me over. It's close to my dream headset now without a earhook. My Jabra 200 is just killing me with bad crackling sound and reception (though the other party hears me fine).

    Given my many bad experiences with online purchases - I end up never using them - it'll be good to be able to see them & try them before I plunge in. /Al
    snap! <^<< snap!
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    Just got my HBH 660 today, and I can't fathom how you guys are attaching ear gels to this thing! Do you crack it open and take it apart so you can affix the eargel to an internal piece? I can't imagine that's how you modify it, and I certainly don't want to break it trying. If so, anyone got a photo of what it looks like modified?

    There is likely an incredibly obvious answer, so thanks for your help in advance.
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    You just slip it over the ear piece. Nothing to take apart. Check this area of the message board. There are some pictures in some threads.
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    I have a P1 T600 with a P1 OEM wired stereo headset which won't stay in my ears. Which silicone ear gels will fit best over those headset speakers and where is the cheapest place to buy them?

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