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    Hello all. This has to be one of the most useful sites I have found. Very warm, inviting with no flaming - what a refreshing change.

    Here is my situation and what I am looking for:

    I have to use VZW, due to the fact they are a large customer of mine and they do have the strongest voice network in the NorthEast. But, I am jonesing for a Treo 650.

    This is what I need that device to perform:

    Not be restricted by the VZing of my Palm device. Open=better.

    MUST be able to send and receive "Texts" from my phone to other cell phones. Is this considered SMS?

    MUST be as stable as possible. - I can tinker, but not on my bu$ine$$ phone.

    High quality voicecalling - hands and wireless in the car - or cah as they say around heaya.

    High quality of bar status

    Send and receive emails with my hosting company,, would love it if they were a way of synching them with my Outlook, - which is in my bag next to me in the car, NOT connected to a network. Why someone would travel without a full laptop, I have never understood.

    I need to dial from both the Palm Contacts and Act! for Palm.

    It would be nice to browse the web every once in a while, but not critical.

    Soo.....would anyone - who has a proven demonstrated ability to hack a Sprint 650 to VZW and help me get the email synching up and running (probably with a third party app) be willing to to sell me a new in the box 650 cracked for VZW with a little phone support?

    Also, what email synching client would you use to "push" email to and from me with POP3?

    Email or PM are all graciously accepted.

    - AT

    PS - I am in Boston, MA FWIW and travel throughout New England and NYC.
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