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    Perhaps it's just my fine unit, but if you over do your memory allocation the treo will not warn you and go into a reset loop. Perhaps it's from third party software too, but here is what happened. I had about 1-1.5M of memory (I think) when this happened.

    I sent a 1M file of a Wallace & Grommit MPEG to my treo via Snappermail so I could watch it with the OE Multimedia app (props to Jacobh). When the file was downloaded to my device, I selected "Goto" from the popup and saved the file to my SD card. Then after that I saw a warning popup and it was too fast to read before the Treo reset, then it kept doing such. each time I was able to read the warning and it was something along the lines of memory is very low, insufficiet memory I think was part of the popup.

    I had to do a warm reset to recover.... THen go delete some stuff and then soft reset the Treo

    Just an FYI, perhaps I was just luck to get the right combo to cause this?

    Regards, Matt

    Edit. The ##err code is a little different.

    Everything is fine now and this Wallace and Grommit MPEG is just too funny to watch.
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