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    I need to know the correct files to get my contacts and calander info. re installed after a Hard reset and a reinstall of palm software

    Thanks in advance.
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    Move or rename your Backup folder on your desktop, set the various Install and Backup conduits to "Do Nothing," and set the Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos conduits to "Desktop overwrites Handheld." Those databases are not kept in the Backup folder - the conduits will reinstall them just fine.
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    Thanks however i need to know the names of the files to restore all contacts and calender I really messed up the older folders so I need to search for the database files that hold this information. Thanks again.
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    I going to try search for all individual files Example (AddressCitiesDB.PDB) etc and look for the proper ones thanks.
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    know im lost cant find the names of the data files I need
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    Experimenting by adding and deleting contacts and calendar events in the Palm Desktop software and examining the Last Modified dates on files, I think the ones you're looking for are address.dat and datebook.dat in the Address and Datebook folders respectively.

    Hope that helps!
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    As the first answer said, these files aren't backed up directly. The info is synced with Palm Desktop. the only way to get it back is to do a 'desktop overwrites handheld' hotsync for the affected databases.
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