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    Today i got my new Treo 650 from the U.S.
    After hard reset there is no prompt for entering
    the language. How can i change the language ?

    Or do i have to wait until a multilingual ROM for
    the Treo will be published ??

    Any help welcome
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    if you want treo with multilanguage, get the unlocked treo 650

    treo 650 cingy with multilanguage capability? i doubt it

    even if palmone *read: CINGULAR* decide to offer a ROM upgrade for treo 650 cingular, the most likely language they gonna add is spanish, si?
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    So i will have to wait until the first ROM update from Palmone is there.
    The same happened to me with a Treo 600 ATTWS. Used tokenwriter,
    got ROM from Palmone, et voila !!
    The wait begins....
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    Does anybody know when PalmOne will release the first
    ROM Update for the GSM Treo 650 ?

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