I am having a problem with the functionality of my BT headset with my T650. I have the PalmOne branded Jabra BT250P, which works pretty well. It automatically gets the call (sound/voice) for incoming and outgoing calls. The problem arises if I choose to cancel the BT link during a call by tapping on the on-screen icon (if I want to use the Treo handset/speaker). Once I do this, I am unable to reestablish functionality of the BT headset, and usually find that I have to power-cycle both the T650 and the headset. I do not have to re-pair the devices, but somehow once the T650 is told to ignore the BT link, it will not re-establish it properly. Does anyone have any wisdom? Is there a trick? I have tried to press the button on the BT headset, tried to put the call on Hold or switch the Speakerphone on/off, and tried to switch Bluetooth Off/On under the BT menu on the T650 (which you can only do after the call is complete). There just has to be an easy way to switch back to a BT headset. Any advice is appreciated.