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    I have a treo 650
    Lots of Memory left on handheld - approx 8 mb --- i have a 1G card and I use powerrun

    I had to hard reset my unit and when i restored the unit using Backup Man not everything was restored

    Here is what i rememeber as missing
    - approx 6 programs
    - Bookmarks for browser
    - SMS messsages and addresses
    - Phone history

    All of these were backed up on just ine day before and i chose the correct restore date

    I was able to go in and restore these by selecting them as individual files --- unfortunately the individual files are named in a very random way and I can't always figure out what is what

    I guess I could just grab every thing in the individual file list --- but how do i know i'm not just grabbing crap that was not needed or left over from other files i have deleted

    Thanks for your help
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    Are you running v 1.52? Solved quite a few issues including some sporadic corruption problems.
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    Yes 1.52.b5

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