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    One feature that I miss from my old LG phone: I can't seem to see the length (duration) of past calls on my Treo 650.

    It seems that the call log shows me WHEN calls took place, but they don't tell me how LONG those calls were.

    Am I missing something obvious?

    If I'm not, does anyone know of any third party software that will keep track of this information?
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    Highlight the call record then tap Details.
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    Maybe your phone is different than mine (firmware version?)

    My details page only tells me this information:
    Time (Time that the call took place, not duration)

    No duration of the call.
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    For some reason, it was disabled. Shadowmite has a patch that can enable the feature so it functions just as it did on the Treo 600. Tried it yesterday.
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    I can see call duration too. I'm using:
    firmware 1.14
    software Treo650-1.05-ROW.
    BTW, it is a GSM phone. Its call record could be different from CDMA phone. R u using a CDMA version?
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    Yeah ... I'm on the CDMA version. Maybe that's it.

    Hopefully they will update this thing.

    Any 3rd party software that can do this?
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    See Physician User's response - installing any of the dialer overlays from Shadowmite's site restores this feature.

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