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    Does anyone know where I can get a face plate replacement for my ATTWS/Cingular Treo 650? Phone works perfect as always but would like t replace the face plate if possible.
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    Anyone know if these will be available like they are for the 600? Not a huge scar but enough that I would like to fix it if possible
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    Maybe someone can come up with colored faceplates like for the Nokia phones. That faceplate looks like it would be hard to remove though...
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    Called Palm and they are sending me a new Treo
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    How the heck are they justifying sending a new treo for a dropped and scratched faceplate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by txschafers
    Called Palm and they are sending me a new Treo
    Ok.. If P1 is going to be replacing Treos for scratched faceplates I am going to start believing that they will go out of business.

    My screen is looking kind of dirty. and the mirror thingy on the back is scratched.
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    Gee, my antenna cap is puppy chewed. I want a new phone! How the he** did you even talk to anyone at Palm. I can't even find a number to call them.

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