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    Let me elaborate. On the treo 600, in the phone app while on a call, if I want to activate the speaker phone I can press the space bar on the keypad.

    If I want to put someone on hold, I press the period on the keypad, and so on and so forth.

    Are there buttons on the 650 that do this? When I press buttons on the keypad during a call, nothing happens. Is it just my Treo? And I don't see anything in the manual that suggest that this is possible. Just wanna make sure that "MY" 650 isn't defective. Thanx!
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    not defective. It seems Treo650 doesn't support those features. my 650 can't do those feature too.
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    Yes, yet another step backwards. I don't see what possible benefit there was to having removed this functionality. But, I still love my 650 anyways.
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    Thanx guys! whew....

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