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    WHat do I do to get MP3 ringtones?? I have the Treo 650
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    You need LighWav 5.3 go to:
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    You may also want to try "Ringo"
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    Add me to the list of nOObz. What does Pocket Tunes do?
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    pocket tunes is a mp3 player, I have the trial version and will probably buy it. also, the delux version allows you to stream audio off sites like cool if you have unlimited data (i.e. sprint)
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    Here is what I do - I have "voice based" ring tones. Specifically, I use PAR Pro to record a ring tone, something like "kids calling" and with Call Filter, I assign that .wav file to the kids phone number. When the kids call from that phone number, PocketTunes is used to play the assigned .wav file. The same goes when an "unknown caller" is received - a ring tone is made using PAR Pro that says, "Unknown caller" and it is assigned with Call Filter to be played by PocketTunes when a phone call is received from an undefined phone number.

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    You might try TreoGuard, which gives you basic MP3 ringtones, plus much more... or - Software for your Treo 600/650.
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    You can also give Phone Technician a try. It's one of the more economic options (as is TreoGuard, as someone mentioned earlier.)
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    Anyone had any success with Ringo?
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    Thks guys!!! P-tunes worked out great for me!!

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