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    how does the 650 handle sms or surbing while listening to mp3s on ptunes? My 600 is very slow
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    i stream 128K music with PTunes deluxe while browsing, never miss a beat
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    wow. just what i wanted to know.
    what about sms or texting?
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    I'm able to surf and use SMS while listening to PTunes, works fine
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    WOOT! that is great news. I hate stopping Ptunes just to send a message. very annoying.
    thanks for the respones guys. Now if only VC will hurry up
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    wow. just what i wanted to know.
    what about sms or texting?
    on t-mo, i'm able to be on the phone and text at the same time.
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    You actually need NOT have a data connection when you send an SMS. Try it. Make sure that your network connection is disconnected (NO little arrows). Then send yourself or anyone a sms. It works! Also you can send & receive sms messages while your are on a phone call! So if who you are talking to on the phone with is boring you & you are too nice too hang up on them, you can sms someone more interesting!
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    That is really no the issue for me. i am just wondering about the multitasking ability of using Ptunes and sms. I knw about being on the phone and sendind messages. My Nokia 3595 does that

    I was just trying to see if the sms slowed down when using Ptunes
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    definitely no slowdown, you'll be pleased
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    An Opposing view. I'm in Houston and I can not stream Ptunes above 56k without regular buffering. And sometimes it buffers even at 56k. With that in mind there is not way for me to surf and stream at the same time. I can play mp3 with Ptunes and surf without problems.

    I tried to stream talk radoi the other day and play Hellfire. The game played very slow.

    I thought maybe it was just the network traffic here, but I traveled down the coast from LA to San Diego and I was never able to stream like others claim they can.
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