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    I was trying to download a 500K program today and it just crawled, and then timed out. It has been rather slow for the past few days, but I finally did a speed test today. Horrible results. When I first got the phone my speed tests where normal - high.

    I have perfect signal in my house.

    Anything I can try to fix this? Or should I call.... cingular?

    Te >T3 > T3 > Zod2 > Z72 > waiting for t650
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    My speeds have been bad the past 2 days also. Not sure what is going on but I miss being able to stream Shoutcast without buffering every 10 seconds.
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    Same here. I thought it was just me. I'm in Alabama.
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    I had just purchased my phone on Thursday and have been experiencing very slow speeds as well. I called customer service and they put me on the line with a "data specialist" who re-registered my phone on the network. This has gotten my data working alot faster. I'm still not impressed, it is in the 60-80k range, at most...I'll see how it goes though.
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    My speeds today were 10-20k when its usually 70-100...and after about 20 minutes I couldn't connect anymore, decided to try later on. btw, this was while using BT DUN and
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    Chicago is slow too!
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    Hey, are the speeds back to normal for anyone?

    My speeds are still very slow, slower then GPRS...I need my EDGE back
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    I also suffered slow speeds for a day so I decided to try switching the phone radio OFF and then ON again and reconnecting to the GPRS network. It worked for me...
    Of course this will probably also depend on your carrier.
    I'm currently using TSTT while here in Trinidad and Tobago.
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    This has been slow for the almost 2 weeks! I am in Chicago.
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    i live in chicago, mine has been ok, i just tested at around 114kb/s, on north ave, near downtown.
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    hmmmm, thats strange. I'm getting a steady 350-400kbps when i do the mspeed test. oh wait, i know why. because i'm on a pocket pc on verizon. Hahahahahahah
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    I have seen this in the past few days too. San Francisco / Cingular ... mspeed test bombs out. Other sites d/l ok but I agree that there is something funky going on. I had thought that my service had changed but this looks like a Cingular network issue. Has anyone spoken to customer service again. I will do so tomorrow.

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    UPDATE: Looking steady!

    600k Test
    4 Bars
    2.267s latency
    37.904s d/l time

    Cingular Treo 650 (Unlocked?!?)
    Firmware 01.51 Software Treo650-1.17-CNG H/W A
    Treo Wireless Headset - Apple Ti15 OSX 10.3.9
    Palm VII -> Motorola StarTAC -> Treo 600
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    Still crap for me! And it's getting really old too...
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Here are my stats. Can someone tell me if they are good or not?
    600k Test
    4 Bars
    1.767s latency
    64.304s d/l time
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    It's decent, not terrific, but not bad either.

    I get around 80-120kbit/sec, usually > 100
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    It would be nice if I could get these supposed Edge speeds.

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