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    About 2 hrs ago at the time of a scheduled "get" from from Business connection/email("Biz Conn") I'm playing a video game(not on phone) and my phone is sitting next to me, and it keeps going on and off(ie crashing). When I dial ##3477 it tells me it "crashed during use of the Biz Conn" due to a "Fatal Exception"??

    I did a "Soft Reset" but it didn't help. I'm about to do a "Hard Reset". I've "Hot Synced" everything. But will I loose all of my non-Palm Applications??
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    Before you do a hard reset, try a "system reset" - hold down the Up rocker while pressing the reset. This will reset the device without triggering any applications that automatically launch after a reset, and may get you out of your loop long enough to delete the troublesome app. It's covered in the manual, BTW.
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    It stopped for some reason while I was on the phone w/ Sprint. Suddenly my Email was there, I could go to preferences, and I could do a manual Sync to get my email. All of these thing were causing crashes for a few hours. But like when you take your car to a mechanic after a week of strange noises, and suddenly the noises go away, that happenned when I called Sprint.

    I did a "Soft" and a "system" reset, but that didnt seem to be the reason it fixed its self because it crashed a few times after doing each. Oh well, It was the first time this has ever happened, and one of the peeps at Sprint said they think there might have been a problem on there end w/ the Business Connection, so I'm releved and happy that the problem is fixed.

    I may have been having too much fun playing Devil May Cry 3, and my 650 got jealous and needed my attention for a while???

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