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    Hi, I have had my Treo 650 for two months. I'm having a problem with it rebooting when I touch the "mail icon" on the main screen and also when I answer some phone calls.

    I only have 2mg of memory left and thought it might be good to buy an expansion card. What cards are compatible... only Palm One?

    Thanks for the help!!
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    You should be able to use any card that meets the Secure Digital standard; no need to pay premium prices for Palm's own brand.

    But before you go buy one, see if you're eligible for a free 128MB card from Palm. Details have been posted here in the past - try searching.
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    Search the forums... there is a well known bug in the Vesamail email DB that causes it to become corrupted which results in resets. The only solution is to delete the offending corrupted datatbase. Hopefully the rumored Rom update for Sprint 650's that supposed to be released next week should resolve this and many other bugs...

    In ragards to cards, any SD or MMC card is compatible. You should definitely get a SD card. Any card up to 2 GB will work on the Treo. Do a search for the best brands since there are significant performance differences between brands and etc...
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