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    Does anyone know how I can add my Expense app from my old M515 to my new 650? I use this app just about as nuch as anything on a daily basis. I need this on my 650!! Can anyone help??
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    Find someone with a Zire 72 or Tungsten T5. Use the FileZ utility to send the Expense files from the other device's ROM to your Treo (I recommend using Bluetooth), or to copy the files to an SD card. You can do the same with NotePad or VoicePad, if you want. Be sure to get both the main file and the "_enUS" overlay for each.

    Then, copy or restore the data files (ExpenseDB, CitiesDB, VendorsDB; npadDB; VpadDB and *.wav) to your Treo. You should be all set.
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    "Expense" from the T3 is posted in post #49 in this thread.

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